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English level test

English level test

You can test your level of English with our English level test. Our English level test consists of 60 multiple choice questions, divided into three pages. Only one answer per question is correct and you must complete all questions in order to continue. If you have forgotton to answer a question, it will be highlighted in red.

You have approximately 40 minutes to complete this English level test.

1.) London is __________ city I have ever lived in.

2.) You __________ tell anyone about our secret! Nobody should know.

3.) "__________ to England, Carla?" "No, I haven't."

4.) The manager wanted to know how the computer __________ stolen from the IT room.

5.) Is he the person __________ wife is a famous athlete?

6.) I think you __________ go now, it's getting a bit late.

7.) Who did __________ at the opera?

8.) My name is Steve and I __________ from England

9.) I wish I __________ in such a hot city!

10.) Where __________?

11.) If Barry __________ music, he wouldn't have become a famous jazz artist.

12.) By the time John gets here, the movie __________.

13.) What happened to Mark? He __________.

14.) It was a lovely day so they went on a boat __________ on the lake.

15.) I have no __________ how to get to the train station.

16.) She rarely leaves home without __________ her make-up on.

17.) James is a really __________ person. He is always smiling!

18.) Maria came back from her holiday in Greece looking very __________.

19.) I always go to the pub __________ Thursdays.

20.) I will __________ you on Monday.